Rabitech stock a wide range of spearfishing snorkels.


The Finis Swimmer's Snorkel is a revolutionary snorkel that all swimmers can use to improve their technique. It allows the swimmer to glide through the water with no need to lift or turn the head. It allows swimmers to concentrate on body balance, head position and stroke technique by eliminating the breathing cycle rotation. Breathing through a snorkel while swimming, increases the capacity of the lungs to expel air, required for optimal intake of oxygen.

  • OMER Zoom

    The Zoom snorkel series has been developed, by our technicians, specifically for spearfishing and freediving. The shapes of the anallergic silicone mouthpiece and the air tube have been ergonomically designed to follow the profile of the spearfisherman s face, to greatly reduce its visibility during the dives. The internal diameter of the tube is 20mm, a specific dimension to optimize the air flow rate. The strap holder is easy to use and reduced to minimal dimensions. The tube o the Zoom Pro is manufactured in TPU, an extremely flexible plastic material with a high mechanical strength used mainly for articles subjected to wear and for all heavy-duty engineering components. The tube will undergo no swelling in water and won t yellow under the action of UV light. The snorkel has a high rebound elasticity and "snappiness", allowing the diver to fold it when it is not needed, and to take it out whenever the use of a snorkel becomes a necessity. Still, it is rigid enough not to vibrate during the ascent. The Zoom Transparent is part of the Inshore hunting line by Marco Bardi . The silicone mouthpiece, the rigid PVC tube and the strap holder are all manufactured in crystal clear plastic materials with the specific intention of making it completely invisible when submerged. This is based on the simple but effective idea that the perfect camouflage is in fact transparency. The Zoom snorkel is the same as the Zoom Pro but it features a non-foldable rigid PVC tube. The Zoom Med and Ocean Mimetic feature a non-foldable rigid PVC tube treated with an extremely durable three dimensional camouflaged coating film. The same treatment is applied on the mask holder. The mouth bite is manufactured in green silicone for the Med Mimetic model and in blue silicone for the Ocean Mimetic model.
  • OMER Slalom

    Snorkel designed to fit ergonomically to the diver's head and increase hydrodynamics. The shape of the tube is very low profile and fits snugly on the side and is also ideal to enter caves without the risk of pegging the snorkel to the rocks. When the diver is on the surface thanks to its shape it helps avoid water entry even in rough seas. The section of the tube is increased and designed to facilitate ventilation phases. The snorkel is made in two different materials and the terminal part is made in a softer thermoplastic material.
  • Sporasub Breeze

    The Sporasub Breeze Snorkel has been conceived exclusively for spearfishing. The tube is moulded in two types of materials with different hardness. Three-fourths of the tube, in the lower part, is made with a semi-rigid thermalplastic material. The stiffness of this part of the tube helps avoid annoying vibrations during reascent and doesn t allow for crimping, which leads to a reduction of the air-passage section which is under the pressure of strap of the mask. The upper part, in green colour, is made with a much softer material. This reduces any sounds if bumped against rocks and allows for easy bending of the snorkel if it becomes blocked, thus making cave fishing safer. The Breeze snorkel is made entirely with a non-reflecting satin finish.
  • Cressi Corsica

    For the deep free diver or the spear fisherman looking for simplicity in performance, the Corsica is the ideal choice. A custom fitting wraparound tube design is used, offering exceptional performance for the aggressive free diver.
  • Cressi America

    This snorkel is designed specifically for the needs of free divers. The ventilation is excellent, because the tube is shorter, has a large bore and is a well-connected anatomical shape without sharp curves. The tube is made from flexible, black material, and a soft silicone mouthpiece fits into the end; this is a swivel mouthpiece so it can be placed at the correct angle for comfortable and long use. The height adjustable mask strap holder has a modern catch.
  • Cressi California

    Simple, yet efficient, the California snorkel features a hypoallergenic mouthpiece along with a soft, flexible PVC tube. This snorkel is perfect for recreational use. Available in dark only
  • Mares Samurai

    The shape and diameter were designed to prevent any air turbulence inside the snorkel and make clearing hassle-free. Its anatomical shape improves hydrodynamics. The semi-rigid tube makes it very easy to use.
  • Bauchet Tabair

    Curved large diameter snorkel specialy designed for spearfishing with neoprene mouthpiece. Classical shape.